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The Importance of Hydration

Thirsty? It’s too late! With the daily temps hovering in the 90s, it is especially important that you pay attention to your hydration and body temperature. Dehydration occurs when water loss exceeds water intake.  Normal water loss occurs through breathing (350ml), sweating (100ml), diffusion through skin (350ml), urination (1000-2000ml), and defecation (150-200ml).  Heavy activity or […]

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Brown Fat: Your body’s calorie burning furnace

Most people know that our bodies store fat as supplemental fuel. What most people may not know is there are two types of fat that our body stores: White fat and Brown fat. White fat is the kind that stores around your midsection, the kind everyone wants to lose come beach season. It serves as […]

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Backpack Guidelines to Prevent Pain

Backpack technology has come a long way, but we still see little kids walking to their bus for a school day with bags that look like they are ready for a week in the wilderness.In a perfect world, a child’s backpack should not exceed about 10-15% of their body weight (100 pound child = 10-15 pound backpack). […]

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Top Five Spices that benefit your health!

With Spring upon us it is a great time to zest up your dishes while simultaneously protecting your health (not to mention impressing your friends and family). Here is a list of my top 5 (dry) Spices everyone should have in their spice rack and use as often as possible along with their benefits.

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